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Eliminate Pesky Water Damage in Your Concord Property

11/10/2022 (Permalink)

paint bubbling from water damage on a ceiling When a water leak damages your Concord residence, contact SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

Concord Customers Trust SERVPRO for Reliable Water Damage Assistance

There are many reasons why Concord area residents and business owners trust SERVPRO to handle water removal services and repair. Being a locally owned and operated franchise, our team takes pride in helping local customers when they need cleaning, restoration, and construction. Rather than letting water emergencies bring stress and costly damage, you can ensure it gets done correctly the first time with help from our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT). You will see why we are the number one choice for cleanup and restoration!

When called to help with water damage in Concord, we mobilize our crew to arrive at your door with our Green Fleet within hours. We have the skill, experience, and training to handle a wide range of water-related emergencies. We also work with trusted contractors in the area to address all reconstruction needs. Once we get started on your project, the results will make everything “Like it never even happened.”

What Does ‘Available 24/7’ Mean?

Emergencies don’t wait until business hours, and they can happen anytime. SERVPRO has our Customer Care Center at the ready to field all calls for water emergencies that may include:

  • Basement flooding
  • Storm flooding
  • Burst pipes
  • Hidden leak water damage
  • Overflowing tubs, toilets, and sinks
  • Major interior spills
  • Appliance malfunctions
  • And more

All you need to do is call for immediate assistance, and we will start gathering information from you on the water-related incident. From there, we begin initial planning by loading up trucks and vans with all the right equipment for the job. Our warehouses are stocked full of all the latest industrial-grade tools and products to help us achieve our cleanup, drying, and restoration goals as quickly as possible.

Rapid Water Extractions are Crucial to Prevent Migration

Thorough water extraction opens the door for our drying and dehumidification steps. With the help of powerful pumps and extractors, we remove standing water fast – even in cases where hundreds or thousands of gallons are present on the property. We enlist the help of tools such as:

  • Submersible and gas-powered pumps
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Industrial-grade wet/dry vacuums
  • Light wand extractors
  • Rovers (weighted extractors)

Drying and Dehumidification Become Critical in Most Situations

Once we remove all standing water, walls and floors still need special attention to address all moisture. We employ specialized drying and dehumidification tools to keep building materials like walls and flooring from swelling, breaking down, or warping.

  • Powerful air movers and dehumidification equipment remove moisture in building materials and tight spaces.
  • Our team monitors progress with the help of moisture sensors and meters until we reach drying goals.
  • Technicians also enhance airflow over carpets and pads, across walls, and around the furniture to boost moisture evaporation.

You can trust our customer-focused team here at SERVPRO to carefully assess your property to tailor our plan of action to your needs. We also explain all steps, so you are aware throughout each phase. When handling your insurance claim, you can count on us to have accurate inventory taken and all documentation available so that your claims process goes as smoothly as possible.

Regardless of the size or scope of your water damage, SERVPRO of Concord is available to handle it 24-hours a day, seven days a week - including holidays. Give us a call at (603) 225-2825 to dispatch a team to your property or request help at your earliest convenience online.

Fire Damage Calls for Prompt, Reliable Service in Concord

11/10/2022 (Permalink)

flames on a black background SERVPRO can use hand tools and advanced equipment to restore your fire damaged home in Concord

Concord Homeowners Deserve SERVPRO’s Proven Fire Damage Methods

It goes without saying that fire, even a smaller blaze in one room of your Concord property, can completely disrupt your life. This is why it is elemental to have a team in your corner focused on results and excellent service. SERVPRO understands all our customers' emotions with fire and water-related incidents, so we have perfected our practices, have the best equipment, and work fast. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

Fire damage to your Concord home does not have to mean all is lost. SERVPRO works to help you regain control of your life and property so that you can get back to your routine. Our main goal is to restore all damaged areas and contents to their pre-fire condition. We do so with careful assessment, tailored planning, and a workforce of IICRC-certified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT).

Your Belongings Deserve Attention and Meticulous Cleaning

After a fire, charring, soot, and smoke impact not only your structural and building materials but also your belongings. Our crew understands that your keepsakes, clothing, furnishings, and other items are what make your property a home. Because of this, we have proven methods for cleaning and restoration to restore versus replace whenever possible. This includes pretesting items to determine what can get salvaged and what is unsalvageable.

Some of the methods utilized during a fire restoration project may include:

  • Dry methods – This cleaning is often used for pre-cleaning or light soot residues.
  • Wet methods – This cleaning effectively tackles moderate or heavy soot residues and soiling.
  • Spray and wipe – This is good for any items that cannot hold up to wet methods.
  • Foam cleaning – This helps address furnishings with upholstered fabrics that could bleed or shrink with wet methods.
  • Abrasion cleaning – This works with the help of agitation to remove soilings from surfaces.
  • Immersion cleaning – This involves dipping contents into an immersion bath of a cleaning solution.

Odor Removal Counts in all Fire-Related Restoration Calls

Pungent odors are commonplace with fire-related emergencies, which means you need Odor Control Technicians (OCT) to handle all odorous particulates – making it "Like it never even happened." All walls, ceilings, woodwork, floors, and carpets require thorough cleaning. We never mask lingering odors using fragrance. Instead, we locate all odor-causing sources to eliminate them. To determine the proper one for your property, you can count on us to discuss all deodorizing options. Some deodorizing equipment and products include:

  • Odor-Counteractant Beads or Granules help to lessen the overall severity of lingering smells.
  • Air Scrubber portable units with HEPA filtration to remove chemicals, gasses, particles from the air.
  • Thermal Foggers put out a dense, large volume fog of solvent-based product that bonds to odorous particles to neutralize them.
  • Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Foggers produce a fine mist by atomizing liquid deodorizer that penetrates areas where odor-causing particles settle.

Keep Your Project Organized with Our Move-out/Pack-out Service

Moving furnishings and other belongings out of the work areas might be necessary during the fire restoration process. Items get inventoried, carefully packed up, and transferred off-site for safe storage or additional cleanup. Pack-outs help to:

  • Streamline your cleaning and remodeling
  • Protect items from damage during the restoration

Once your restoration wraps up, all items stored off-site get moved back in.

SERVPRO of Concord realizes that any fire damage can lead to stress and heartbreak for a homeowner. We do everything possible to make the cleanup and reconstruction on your property seamless so you can get back to life as usual. Call us for emergency service by dialing (603) 225-2825, and we can mobilize our Green Fleet to your door within hours.

Concord Mold Damage Remediation Delivers Sustainable Results

11/10/2022 (Permalink)

Mold damage on a white wall Mold Damage in Your Concord Home? Call SERVPRO for Fast Remediation; we are Here to Help.

Expert Moisture Management: Why SERVPRO Ranks as a Leader in Concord Mold Removal

When property owners in Concord encounter mold damage, they seek a permanent solution to the rapidly multiplying colonies, ugly and disturbing to view and accompanied by significant malodors even if hidden in building cavities. Do-it-yourself abatement options are usually inadequate and often worsen the situation. Resolution of persistent microbial growth presents challenges that professional intervention partnered with customer education best conquers by implementing research-based protocols. 

Mold damage in Concord buildings is a common issue, which is why SERVPRO invests in Applied Microbial Remediation Technician (AMRT) training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). It maintains applicable licenses and certifications from the state of New Hampshire and its municipalities. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed the microbial remediation industry standard that guides best practices. These practices provide comprehensive resources both for the current infestation removal and the proactive moisture management crucial to inhibiting the potential for future mold and mildew damage.

What Factors Increase the Risk of Microbial Growth?

Mildews and molds propagate through spores, microscopic fungal particles endemic in all interior and exterior spaces. The spores often create few problems, drifting through the air or hitching a ride into homes and commercial buildings on clothing and shoes, pets, equipment, and more. As long as the spores remain dry, they do not germinate and grow, settling instead upon surfaces and in cracks and crevices along with the many other substances that comprise baseline dust and grime. Problems arise when:

  • Spores encounter and absorb water, including the airborne moisture of high humidity levels
  • Spores remain damp for at least 24 to 48 hours
  • Oxygen is present
  • Organic sources of nourishment and shelter are nearby, including many types of building materials -- wood, drywall, insulation, textiles, and more

The above resources are readily available in all Concord properties. It is impossible to eliminate most of them, causing property owners anxiety because mold growth thus seems inevitable. Fortunately, the moisture essential to jump-start a fungal invasion is controllable, which is why SERVPRO’s training and experience in water damage restoration are vital for residents and businesses looking for contractors proficient in successful strategies to resolve mold outbreaks.

How Does SERVPRO Remediate Mold Damage in Concord Properties?

The EPA has researched microbial removal approaches extensively, developing the industry standard published as the guide “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings.” This scientifically designed protocol applies to outbreaks in family residential settings and multi-family structures, and a wide range of business locations. The procedure, followed by appropriately equipped and trained work crews wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), adheres to a set of consecutive steps:

  • Location of colonies -- testing employed if necessary where building cavities hide infestation
  • Containment of affected areas and workspaces -- wrapping spaces using 1.6 mil polyethylene barriers and leveraging negative pressure air scrubbing equipment to seal off the area and trap contaminants in HEPA filters before exhausting
  • Mechanical removal of existing organisms off non-porous surfaces using scrapers, brushes, and other agitation
  • Controlled blasting with gentler abrasives such as soda, dry ice, and corn cobs to remove and incapacitate hyphae on porous surfaces
  • Spray and wipe or vacuuming (using HEPA filtered equipment) to pick up moldy debris for bagging and lawful disposal
  • Treatment of cleaned areas with EPA-registered antimicrobials to inhibit rebound infestation
  • Mitigation, remediation, and restoration, including through drying, of water damaged building materials and contents
  • Adjustment of relative humidity levels to between 30 and 50 percent

Our methodical and practical approach to moisture elimination and fungal remediation is why SERVPRO of Concord tops the list of mold damage contractors. Call (603) 225-2825 to consult with our highly-qualified team to discuss the options available for your specific circumstances.

Protecting Concord's Businesses from Water Damage

11/9/2022 (Permalink)

acoustic drop-ceiling tiles in office The SERVPRO aim during water damage mitigation is to rapidly extract moisture and keep your Concord business in business.

SERVPRO Water Removal Services Can Help

Water intrusion can be disruptive to your business. Generally caused by plumbing malfunctions, the impact of a burst pipe or sewer backup can affect the business's ability to function as expected. SERVPRO is a registered commercial restoration service that can help to restore your premises and allow normal working conditions to resume. There are numerous aspects to water restoration. Our specialties include the following:

  • Water mitigation
  • Water Cleanup
  • Water damage restoration

The simple part of water removal in your Concord business is extraction. Our technicians mobilize quickly to provide extractors and pumps to eliminate the excess liquid. The challenging part of water restoration is drying materials to an acceptable level. One of the reasons this process can be complicated is the fact that materials respond differently to water. Some materials absorb large amounts of moisture in a short time. Others absorb moisture much more slowly but can be tough to dry. We refer to these differences as material permeance. We have several strategies for tackling absorbent and non-absorbent materials.

Methods for drying wet materials

  • Reduce relative humidity to 30% to 45%
  • Assess the moisture content of materials using penetrative probes
  • Strip materials of finish or varnish that may inhibit evaporation
  • Forcing airflow above and beneath (or front and behind) structural materials.

Office spaces have unique material construction. Commercial premises utilize sheetrock, acoustic tiles, and gridlines, which are less common in residential properties. Ceiling tiles are generally removed in the early stages of restoration to allow air circulation into gridlines. Since acoustical tiles are relatively inexpensive, a technician may decide it is cheaper to replace tiles rather than dry them. Sheetrock and acoustic materials can take 5 -7 days to dry correctly. If the business premises are temporarily closed for restoration, replacing tiles and sheetrock can be beneficial as it significantly reduces the closure period.

If your business is impacted by water intrusion, contact SERVPRO of Concord for water removal at (603) 225-2825.

Our Specialists Explain How We Address Water Damage In Your Concord Rental Home

9/13/2022 (Permalink)

24/7 Sign If you need our services to restore your home at any time of day, including all holidays, give us a call today at (603) 225-2825.

Addressing Water Damage In A Concord Rental Home

Bathrooms in any home are built to withstand lots of moisture compared to the rest of the house. However, when the shower pan in your second-floor bathroom starts to leak, it can cause first-floor ceiling stains, rotten wood, and potential mold growth that is difficult to address.

When an unexpected leak in your bathroom causes water damage in your Concord rental home, certified SERVPRO technicians are ready to come to your home 24/7 to address the damage and restore your ceiling to its previous condition.

After assessing the extent of damage with our moisture measurement tools, such as sensors, meters, and even infrared cameras, our team can get to work. Weep holes may be drilled to extract water and improve ceiling airflow during drying. If your furniture, carpet, or other items in your home have been affected by water, we can move and dry them as well. For porous surfaces such as fabric or wood, this is especially vital for preserving your possessions, preventing stains, mitigating mold growth, and keeping finishes from eroding.

There are several types of air movers that can be used for drying. However, centrifugal ones are quite common and prized for their increased static pressure for a given air volume when compared to axial models. As drying goes on, our SERVPRO team can continually reposition air movers for more efficient, targeted drying of water-damaged areas in your home. For wet ceilings, air movers must be positioned directly across instead of at 45-degree angles to target moisture and allow for optimal airflow. Precise placement calculation allows air movers to pull moisture away from surfaces for dehumidifiers to absorb. The moist air pulled from wet surfaces is then passed over components like refrigerated coils or silica gel in industrial-grade dehumidifiers to isolate moisture and collect it for removal.

SERVPRO of Concord is Faster to Any Size Disaster. If you need our services to restore your home at any time of day, including all holidays, give us a call today at (603) 225-2825.

Inspections and Estimates Begin Concord Fire Damage Restoration

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

smoke and soot on wall and ceiling Smoke and soot damage can be difficult to remove. Call SERVPRO for effective fire damage restoration services.

Getting Fire Damage Restoration Approved

With such a finite timeline to restore and clean your home after a fire, early actions and assessments can help to focus these efforts. Inspections can begin as soon as our SERVPRO team first arrives.

Why Are Inspections Important?

Fire damage restoration in Concord homes can be significantly aided and benefited by a pre-job inspection and scoping. Crew chiefs or production management can get this process started and identify some of the pressing concerns in the structure after a fire, such as:

  • Damaged structure
  • Soot risks
  • Malodors
  • Ruined contents
  • Water damage

Starting Emergency Services 

In particular, inspections can help steer necessary mitigative action for the property. Emergency services can often address the most pressing concerns discovered by restoration professionals even before confirming the go-ahead from the insurance company to prevent the situation from worsening inside your house.

Setting Clear Restoration Objectives

It is essential for the homeowner's peace of mind to understand the work to be done and how it helps return the property to preloss condition. Restoration objectives provide an accurate timeline for house occupants to know when they can expect life to return to normal. We set specific milestones for mitigation, restoration, cleanup, and even build-back services as necessary.

Getting Your Damage Claim Approved

Clear and defined estimations and inspections are necessary for getting damage claims approved through your insurance company. As a preferred vendor for Concord's local and national insurance brands, we understand the needed documentation and evidence to expedite claim approval.

Before restoration and recovery services can begin after a fire, data must be collected and formed into a plan with a clear definition. Our SERVPRO of Concord team dispatches experienced professionals like our production management to inspect properties and create estimates to get the fire restoration process started as soon as possible. You can reach us anytime by calling (603) 225-2825. 

Flood Damage in Concord and Your Home

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

Fallen tree on roof If storm damage strikes your home, call the professionals at SERVPRO to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO's Crew is Trained and Experienced in Thoroughly Restore Your Home after Flood Damage

Torrential rain and lightning storms wash away the dirt and grime covering the city of Concord, but the damage it can cause to your home through flooding can bring about severe problems. This water carries that washed-away grime directly into your home and leaves it there once the waters recede. This grime also includes pathogens, microbes, and other biological matter that can cause health effects.

SERVPRO assists homeowners in Concord by undoing the flood damages affecting their homes. Our extraction equipment removes the water of any amount, and then we thoroughly dry out your home's interior. Heat, air currents, and drying equipment all work together at specific times to create a drier atmosphere. Our training and experience help us determine the best approach, even in homes with closed spaces and long hallways.

In addition to drying your home's interior, we perform sanitation services to return your home's interior pathogen load to normal ranges. We not only have equipment that reads the amount of moisture in a material, but we also use devices that can read how many foreign particles cover the surface. Our extraction machines also remove those tiny organisms, which can cause health effects in both people and pets.

Our experience with flood damage and its effects include the control of odors left behind by water. These odors, evidence of microorganisms, and decaying matter can last for months or even years, or until we remove them. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) holds IICRC certification and can help your home lose its post-flood musty odors. Ozone treatments or the use of hydroxyl gas can eliminate such problems. Helping restore even how your home smells remains an essential goal for our crew members.

SERVPRO of Concord can help your family after flood damage makes things unlivable. Call us at (603) 225-2825.

Basics of Mold Damage Remediation in Concord

8/8/2022 (Permalink)

Team SERVPRO Has Experience When It Comes to Remediating Mold Damage

To prevent your materials from mold damage, you need to dry water-soaked contents and rooms quickly. Damp areas are prone to fungi and bacterial attacks, leading to possible decomposition, which translates to additional losses. With that in mind, any Concord resident must know what to do after making such a discovery. 

Understanding the basics is necessary for any Concord mold damage remediation process to succeed. If you are working with our SERVPRO technicians, we first do a pre-inspection to determine the degree of contamination. We are aware that moldy areas may cause health effects, so we wear protective gear such as masks during the process. The pre-inspection lets us plan the procedures to use during the remediation exercise. 

Usually, mildew growth starts from one point and spreads to other clean areas. That is why our IICRC trained SERVPRO team first identifies the source and tries to prevent it from becoming airborne. One of the techniques we use to achieve that is by ensuring the movement of air is from the clean areas to the contaminated sites, not vice-versa. We use negative air machines to do that and, in the process, protect our technicians from the level of exposure. 

If we discover that contamination on the dry walls has gone beyond normal levels, we might perform some demolitions. We also remove the excessively damaged contents from the area and recommend replacements where necessary. HEPA vacuuming is also helpful when we need to remove mold spores. 

Another critical step that our SERVPRO technicians do is cleaning the soiled surfaces and materials. We use sterilizing detergents when damp wiping to reduce the chances of future mildew growth. We can also perform deodorization and set up air movers in the area to improve air quality. 

SERVPRO of Concord is an industry leader in storm, water, fire, and mold remediation. Call us at (603) 225-2825 when you face any size of disaster to get served with reliable services. 

Our Team Has The Equipment And Skills To Satisfy Our Concord Clients

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

Ceiling Damage Water damage to this Concord home was caused by a water line in an upstairs bathroom bursting. We arrived right away and began restoration.

Reliable Commercial Water Cleanup Services to Revive Your Concord Business

The role of commercial water cleanup services is to help your business return to its former state after experiencing a water damage event. Since you can never predict when such experiences are likely to take place, knowing the right actions to take is essential. Every hour your business remains closed means you are losing a lot in terms of productivity and revenue. Our team offers reliable and fast restoration services to residents of Concord, and we are here to highlight some of our operations.

When our SERVPRO technicians visit your Concord property for commercial water cleanup, there are several aspects we consider. Remember, there might be several items in the structure, and each may have differing cleaning needs. It is our work to evaluate the different cleaning needs of various items by looking at their level of exposure to high humidity or water. For instance, we may decide to clean and polish your furniture as part of the restoration process. On the other hand, electronics may require specialized attention to return to their pre-damaged state.

Our SERVPRO team thoroughly inspects all the storage areas, closets, and other locations at the site for items such as clothing, photographs, and wall hangings. After that, we devised appropriate restoration techniques for the affected items. It is also our work to return the items to their original positions once the cleaning is complete. If your electronics need further inspection outside our scope of operations, we may advise you to subcontract such services.

We understand that a smooth restoration process requires constant communication with our clients. Our SERVPRO team keeps you updated on every step we undertake to make you feel involved. At the end of the job, we check whether the site has the required moisture levels and perform a walk-through to make sure everything is in order.

SERVPRO of Concord has the equipment and skills to satisfy the residential and commercial needs after the experience of any size disaster. Call (603) 225-2825 any time of the day and get a chance to work with highly trained and experienced Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT).

How to Perform Commercial Fire Restoration in Your Concord Storage Facility

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

After Fire Soot Looking for a restoration company? Look no further, SERVPRO is here for you.

Fire Restoration in Concord Requires SERVPRO’s Help

As a storage facility owner, you face problems similar to other businesses regarding property damage following a fire. The lost revenue may be unrecoverable if a company gets interrupted for weeks. You must report and account for such losses in yearly financial reports and statements.

To minimize losses, we suggest commercial fire restoration in your Concord storage facility as soon as possible. You can rely on SERVPRO’s immediate and trustworthy fire restoration services to help you reopen your business within a short time. Our fire restoration plan can include the following steps:

  • Assessing the building
  • Securing the property 
  • Water damage repair
  • Cleaning
  • Deodorizing 

Assessing The Building

Structural connectors like epoxied bolts, metal truss plates, or other framing connectors can sustain damage because of a fire’s heat or post-fire corrosion. The effects of heat may also weaken the glue or binder on modern LVL or glulam timbers. We can inspect the building and stabilize it for necessary repairs. 

Securing The Property

Fires usually attract a lot of attention as people want to see how the damage looks inside. Open access and additional attention can appeal to looters. Your customers may also wish to reenter the storage facility soon to recover essential personal items. Our SERVPRO team can board up the building or install a fence to prevent further building damage or the risk of injury. 

Water Damage Repair

If sprinklers went off during the fire, your facility might have water damage. We can adequately mitigate water damage using water removal and drying tools. 


Our SERVPRO technicians can clean all affected areas of your storage facility. We can wet clean some surfaces and dry clean others. Wet cleaning involves washing a surface with water-based cleaning products. We perform dry cleaning for surfaces that water-based products can affect. 


Our SERVPRO team can use several deodorization techniques to remove malodors from your facility effectively. We can apply water-based wet mist deodorizers with a ULV mister to produce a fine fog or mist. The superfine mist enables the chemical to penetrate surface crevices or cracks with smoke smells.

SERVPRO of Concord can restore your commercial property after fire damage. Contact us at (603) 225-2825.